[Spoken Word] Oruz Kennedy — Ladies Only(EP)

ladies onl 1

Spoken word can be described as poetry that is written to be performed. According to Sarah Kay, it is “the bastard child of poetry and centuries of griot tradition, fusing creative wordplay with shiny performance.”

Poets like Cynthia Biggs-El, Tupac, and Sarah Kay believe that spoken word poetry provides students with the exact medium they need to express individual and cultural concerns, because spoken word is primarily shaped through personal experience.

After numerous live performances in different hit shows, Oruz Kennedy releases his debut masterpiece titled Ladies only.

Describing his debut EP, Oruz says “LADIES ONLY is an African narrative, highlighting challenges faced by the girl-child and loopholes in families and also relationships. This one is for my Africa and her many sons and daughters. I sincerely hope this effort goes a long way to right so many wrongs within the African community and the world at large.

ladies onl 2

Click on the links below to download.

  1. Feminine DOWNLOAD
  2. Hold My Hands ft Maubella and Cap Sefagah DOWNLOAD
  3. Heart Beat ft Wise B DOWNLOAD
  4. Love Disabled DOWNLOAD
  5. Don’t Do It DOWNLOAD
  6. Debbie’s Door DOWNLOAD
  7. Loose Yourself ft Wise B DOWNLOAD

Say No to the discrimination of the girl child….Remember, we’re all born equal


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